Wishful Blinking® Eyelash Extensions

Love your look, love those lashes!

Eyelash Extension Pricing

Classic Lashes

  • Classic 2 Week Fill from $60+
  • Classic 3 Week Fill from $75+
  • Hybrid Classic-Volume Mix (2 week fill) from $75+

Volume Lashes

  • Volume 2 Week Fill from $80+
  • Volume 3 Week Fill from $100+

Wishful Blinking recommends fills every 2 weeks in order to maintain the fullest look possible.  The above pricing is based on regular 2 week visits.  Clients that go beyond the recommended time between fills can require additional time/products resulting in additional cost.

*Less than 35-40% of lash extensions left requires a FULL Set

Eyelash Extension Types

Classic Eyelash Extensions



Classic extensions are for those ladies that prefer a more natural appearance.  The eye extensions types is also known as “one-dimensional” or “1D” lashes which entails carefully attaching a single thick artificial eyelash strand to an existing real lash. This achieves that natural look for the lashes, giving each lash a darker appearance without really changing the eye’s natural appearance.  If you’re just looking for some basic enhancement, classic eyelash extensions are for you.

Volume Eyelash Extensions


Volume Eyelash Extensions give a thicker, more lush appearance. The process involves attaching multiple hand-made (2D-5D) fans made of ultra light artificial lashes to each real lash.  The number in “2D” stands for the number of lashes that are carefully attached to each other.  This type of lash gives an thick, voluptuous look,  ideal for those who wish to add that extra glamour to their appearance.  Volume lashes are also typically recommended to those with thin or light-colored lashes.  As you may imagine, this is an extremely difficult art to perfect and Michele has spent countless hours honing her craft!

The Process

Before we touch an eyelash, we’ll sit down with you and go through the various types of eyelash extensions and what will work best for you. We’ll also fully explain the procedure so you know exactly what to expect. it’s extremely important to communicate together so we can put you in the right application!

Upon discussing what type of application, you’ll LOVE the big brown oversized leather recliner. We’ll recline the chair, you close your eyes and we’ll get to work. Because of the relaxing atmosphere, some clients actually drift off to dream land and wake up feeling completely refreshed to see their new awesome eyelashes.

To apply your Eyelash Extensions, we separate and take one of your natural lashes adhering it one or more eyelash extensions depending on the type of extensions you choose. This takes time and a steady hand, so if you’re the type of person that can’t sit still for too long, eyelash extensions may not be for you.

When your application is all over, we’ll provide all the information you’ll need to take care of your extensions every day to keep them looking first-day glamorous for as long as possible.

Every client receives a complimentary after-care kit with products and written instructions for your extension care.

Eyelash Extension Gallery

The following images are examples of both Classic and Volume Eyelash Extensions.  Please click the image to expand the size.   All images are property of ©Wishful Blinking, LLC and may not be used without consent.