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Eyelash Extensions

Whats the difference between Classic and Volume Eyelash Extensions?

Classic extensions are 1artificial lash to 1 real lash, volume extensions are hand-made multiple lash “fans” applied to 1 real lash.

How do I know which one is best for me?

That is a matter of personal preference and what look you’re after.  We’re happy to discuss all of your options to get you the look you’re aiming for.

Why do I need to get my eyelash extension refilled?

The average person has between 90-150 natural lashes per upper eyelid
The average eye will naturally shed 2-4 lashes per day.

Averaging 3 lashes per day would break down as follows:

  • In 1 week you will lose 21 lashes
  • 2 weeks you will lose 42 lashes
  • 3 weeks you will lose 63

If you have 150 natural lashes, you will lose approximately 42 lashes leaving you 108 extensions.

How often do I need to come back

We recommend you get your eyelash extensions refilled every two weeks to maintain that first day look.

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